Chronology of the Cosmos

Age of the Void (AOTV)
0 AOTV: Chaos and Order merge and the Universe is created.
1-1,000,000,000 AOTV: The planets and other celestial bodies are formed and settle. Age of the Void Ends

Age of Creation (AOC)
1-1000 AOC: The gods are born.
1000-2000 AOC: The gods spread throughout the Universe and find planets to inhabit.
2546 AOC: The planet Pangea is inhabited by the Gods of the Green.

Chronology of Pangea

Dawn of Time (DOT)
1-1,000,000 DOT: Pangea settles and becomes a lush, fertile land. The Gods of the Green arrive. Dawn of Time ends.

First Age
1-1000 of First Age: Gods of the Green create the Elves, Dwarves and Halflings. The three races flourish and create their respected kingdoms.
1057 of First Age: The new gods arrive on Pangea thinking it abandoned. The First Age ends.

Second Age
1 of Second Age: The Gods of the Green order the new gods to leave Pangea. They refuse and begin to wage war on the Green Realm.
2-796 of Second Age: The new gods create the monstrous races to try to exterminate the Fair Folk. This proves futile as the Fair Folk are able to push the Fell races into hiding. The new gods switch tactics and plant the seeds of discord in the hearts of the Fair Folk.
797-832 of Second Age: To save the Fair Folk from destruction the Gods of the Green fight the new gods directly. In the end only one of the new gods and one of the Green gods lived. Calling itself the Archfey, it branded and banished the last new god into the bowels of the earth. Corrupted by its own actions, the last new god named itself the Archfiend. Haunted by the conflict and with new distrust in their hearts, the Fair Folk separate. The Elves claim the forests, the Dwarves the mountains, and the Halflings the deserts. The Second Age ends.

Third Age
35 of Third Age: New gods arrive on Pangea seeking refuge from a cosmic horror. The Archfey, still wary, reluctantly agrees to let them settle as long as their children stay out of the lands claimed by the Fair Folk. An agreement is made and Humans are born on Pangea.
36-99 of Third Age: The Godstones are created and given to each of the seven human tribes. The seven tribes flourish and small settlements are formed.
100 of Third Age: The characters are born
118 of Third Age: The story begins.


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